Save Up To 30% Off As A Return Customer


Return Customer Loyalty Discount

All customers that complete an order and check out with a Kigi Nursery Account will receive a 10% Return Customer Loyalty Discount Code for future purchases. If you are a return customer and need the code please contact us below. Additional coupons will be sent to our newsletter subscribers throughout the year.


Bulk Discounts

All customers can enjoy this discount! If any single SKU is ordered in multiples of 10-24 it will automatically discount that item 10% and if ordered in quantities of 25+ the discount will be 20% off those items. Items can't be mix-n-matched to receive this discount.

The combination of "Return Customer Loyalty Discount" and "Bulk Discounts" can yield up to 30% off. Return Customer Loyalty Discounts can not be combined with other store promotions and coupons, unless otherwise stated!