Cornus sericea Redoiser Dogwood

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10 Year Average Size:
6' x 6'
Sun Requirements:
Full Sun

Cornus sericea Redosier Dogwood are large multi-stem fast-growing suckering deciduous shrubs Their claim-to-fame is their stems that turn bright red to dark red in the winter (stems are greenish during the growing season). These dogwoods certainly add a WOW! factor to a winter landscape. They are best used in mass in the landscape to emphasize and accentuate the cold season red stem color. Tolerant of poor growing conditions (dry or wet soil).  Since the red winter color is most pronounced on young stems, regular pruning is necessary to encourage new stem production. This is accomplished by 1) removing about one-third of the largest (oldest) stems in the early spring, or 2) cutting all stems down to 9 inches above ground level about every three years. Produce flat-topped flowers (not typical of the flowering dogwood) and these are attractive at a close inspection but not from a distance.