Calluna vulgaris (Heathers)

These plants are one of our favorite of all for both flower and foliage colors, the most varied and interesting of all heaths & heathers. Leaves are small and scale like. Flowers are single or double and with all the different cultivars giving bloom color July - December. Their forms vary from small dainty tuffs to shrubs over two feet tall. Most are small bushes to 36 inches. Foliage color can be as beautiful as the flowers with golds, oranges, gray and many shades of green. These colors change with cold weather to red, orange, bronze and the dark green taking on plum tints. Some of the varieties have beautiful colors of new growth, with shades of pink, yellow, orange and cream. These heather do best in well drained, acid soil. They need sun for at least half the day for their best color. Callunas must be pruned or they will become leggy. Trim to below the old flowers in late fall or early spring. Zone 4 and warmer.