Kigi Birds Parrot Rescue & Sanctuary


Building a World Class Botanical Garden and Exotic Parrot Rescue & Sanctuary. We are building these facilities with re-habilitation of both people and birds in mind. The Gardens will be full of Dwarf and Unique Conifers, Japanese Maples, Ginkgos, Dogwoods and many other highly desirable landscape plants. Kigi Bird Parrot Rescue is an organization that takes in birds needing a good home. Our biggest Goal is to build a large free flight aviary that can house multiple species of parrots and social re-habilitation work can eventually allow each bird to join our Flighted Flock or be behaviorally adjusted to join a new forever family. If you would like to volunteer or donate please contact us below. With many years of working in the Nursery Trade, Foster Parenting and Animal Husbandry we see a need to provide Gardening and Animal Relations Opportunities to local At Risk Children, Developmental Disability Programs, Local/Regional Schools, Garden Clubs and Volunteers. School Gardens have been a big hit in local Elementary and Middle Schools. This will be another great educational, inspirational and healing outlet. All funds donated will be used directly in the building and ongoing maintenance of the 76 acre riverfront property located in Southwest Washington State. Revenue will be created by gate fee memberships, nursery sales, DONATIONS and seasonal events. Establishing a World Class Botanical Garden and Flight Aviary Parrot Rescue will naturally attract all walks of life that venture up Mount Saint Helens' beautiful Spirit Lake Highway! Nothing but great things to come for Southwest Washington State Community. The property for this project is already purchased and development started (See pictures and videos) Wildlife at the river property includes Bald Eagles, Turkey Vultures, Elk, Deer, Multiple Fish Species, an occasional bear + much more. The mixture of Flora and Fauna will entice all.

Every donation counts and we appreciate your support! Donate Here