Inventory Note

Kigi Nursery is known for our many rare and unique trees, shrubs and plants. This causes us to get many requests for products we don't currently have in-stock. We source plant material from local grower friends and collectors (There are many in Northwest USA) along with major wholesalers we have the ability to find just about anything hardy to our area and a wide Zone range of 2-11. New products are added all year round, but we typically bring in new cultivars faster than we can get them listed. If you don't see a tree or plant listed contact us below. Keep in mind that 80-90% of our inventory is rare and in short supply, and not available at your local Garden Centers, as some plants run out they may not be available again for years.


Shipping Policies

FREE SHIPPING - Shipping is free and only available to the lower 48 states + Alaska & Hawaii.

We are always here to do right by our customers. If you feel like your transaction was not to your expectations, contact us below for resolution.

Shipping USPS Priority and for larger orders or bigger plants we use FedEx Ground and USPS Ground Advantage.  We ship seasonally (September - November) (Sparsely January - February) (March - April) For regional Northwest USA and Southern States we can ship winter, as long as we are above freezing temperatures. We can also ship to the West Coast & Northern States (May - June) weather permitting. PLEASE HAVE PATIENCE During these ideal shipping seasons we may skip a week or two due to extreme weather, delaying Holidays, tender new growth or busy season delays. All shipments include an emailed package tracking # the day your order ships. Maples and other deciduous trees have tender leaves so we prefer to ship them in dormancy (before March). If your location requires a long delay (up to a 9 month) for weather, we don't mind holding orders to accommodate your optimal planting season.

If you live in a seasonally extreme climate and request shipment during extreme weather or outside our preferred shipping windows we will not honor our plant guarantee.

If your address does not receive deliveries from USPS or FedEx we need to know that prior to shipping, please leave a comment at checkout. Inventory #'s are typically highest mid summer and mid winter, so don't hesitate on getting your orders placed for future shipping. When boxing your order, plants are pulled from their pots or grow beds and then moist soil or sawdust is packed with roots then wrapped in plastic bag, water added (If needed) for the journey. We have been shipping plants this way for over two decades with guaranteed success.

Although rare, sometimes your new purchases will perish or be degrading in health from shipping. If this happens please contact us below (within 72 hours of receiving shipment) for further instructions. We do not accept returns so do not ship plants back to us. Your order will carry a guarantee from shipping damage. We require pictures of damaged boxes and plant material within 72 hours to start the credit process. With proper pictures sent within the 72 hour time frame, we will guarantee your product for up to 30 days with full or partial store credit.

**Important** Once a product ships refunds will not be issued, store credit may be issued with proper documentation.

Q & A


Q. What are plant sizes?

A. All of our plant material is sold by years of growth. We have found this to be the most honest way of selling plants. Generally speaking 0-3 years of growth will be growing in 1 gallon nursery pots. 4-7 years of growth in 2-3 gallon nursery pots. 8-10 years of growth in a 5-6 gallon nursery pots. 11+ years of growth in 7-45 gallon nursery pots. This is all averages of coarse. Some of the miniature products will be in a 1 gallon pot at 11+ years old. Please know and understand the cultivars you are purchasing. Too many variables go into plant sizes for us to list each plants exact size.

Plant material grown in nursery pots are not going to be the same sizes as the 10 year average landscape sizes posted in the plant description pages on our website. These descriptions are Northwest USA averages for design reference only and assume the product was planted in the landscape at year 1 of propagation with minimal transplant shock for 10 years straight, also note the pictures and videos used on the website are mostly of plants in display gardens or current stock plants when picture or video was taken at varying ages and should not be used as an indicator of the sizes you are purchasing at any given time, growing plants are forever changing. If you have questions on sizes please ask before you purchase.


Q. What does USDA Minimum Hardiness Zone mean?

A. The United States Department of Agriculture along with other research groups and Universities has put together a map showing how cold hardy and heat hardy areas across the United States are for average minimum temperatures and average maximum temperatures. Although this is obviously not an exact science it does make a great tool for determining plant hardiness in your area. We only post the plants minimum hardiness on our website because it is a lot easier to push plants outside the optimal growing zone in hot areas than it is for winter deep freezing zones. Some people get confused about only buying plants that say hardy to zone 7 if they live in a zone 7. Typically if you are in a zone 7 plants that are listed zone 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and maybe even zone 8 should grow well in your area. 

We reserve the right to selectively prune all plant material before shipping. We typically only do this for the faster growing trees (Japanese Maples) and will never prune a tree out of proper structure (just to fit a box). We strongly encourage you prune your young trees to promote proper branching and structure anyway. Our growing practices include low dose slow release fertilizers and structural pruning for proper branching and aesthetics. These trees are ready to shoot new roots into your gardens, patio pots, or continue on with bonsai practice. Very healthy way to start young trees, with our attention to details and ability to still offer affordable plants, you can be assured a quality product at reasonable prices.  Our plants are propagated by seedlings, cuttings or grafts. All determined by each cultivars requirements. We have special certification to ship plant material to CA and MT. That being said the Department of Agriculture in each of those states (and sometimes others) will flag and hold plants longer than the plants can tolerate. If this happens (less than 1% of the time) you assume all risks for that order. After a completed purchase on our website and prior to us shipping you can request a refund up to 24 hours. After 24 hours a restocking fee of up to 40% may be deducted from a refunded transaction. Once an order has shipped the transaction is complete and will not be refunded.

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