Estate Planning

Kigi Birds Parrot Rescue & Sanctuary would like to express how grateful we are for those who have donated and those who are interested in our cause!

Estate planning is another great way to support Kigi Birds, from running the daily operation to accomplishing our building and staffing goals.

Kigi Birds is excited to share all of our growth through videos and personal visits, we are committed to financial transparency and open cage husbandry whenever possible. When you include Kigi Birds in your estate planning, you can have complete confidence that that funds will be used and carefully monitored to advance our goals and carry on our daily operations.


There are many ways to support the Sanctuary through estate planning. 

We always strongly recommend that donors seek professional financial, tax and legal advice in preparation of a donation. It is important that those documents comply with state and federal laws. 


For additional information about providing for your parrot in the event of your death or disability, or about including Kigi Birds in your estate plans, please fill out the form below.