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Building a World Class Arboretum and Botanical Gardens all by working with local "At Risk" Children,  Developmental Disability Programs, Local/Regional Schools, Garden Clubs and Local Volunteers. School Gardens have been a big hit in Cowlitz County Elementary and Middle Schools. This would be another great educational and healing outlet.

Founded by the owners of Kigi Nursery (a mail order nursery) Justen & Jennifer Homer are donating over $300,000 in plants and real estate to start this project/cause! Along with all the countless hours their entire family has and will be contributing over the years. The couple have been Foster Parents for years and adopted multiple children from the Foster Care System. Justen said "My family is so grateful for all the community support and we look forward to building a non-profit organization called Kigi Gardens for all to enjoy!"

All funds donated will be used to develop a lakefront property in Southwest Washington State. Revenue will be created by gate fees, kayak rentals, nursery sales, and seasonal events. Overnight retreats, group outings and of course establishing a World Class Arboretum & Botanical Gardens through hard work and team building efforts. Nothing but great things to come for the Southwest Washington State Community.

The property for this project is over 8 acres and already purchased, the bordering property we hope to add is an additional 28 acres. Wildlife at the lake includes Nesting Osprey, River Otters, Multiple Fish Species, Waterfowl and many Amphibious Animals. The mixture of Flora and Fauna will entice all.

Every donation counts, no matter how small!

Initially your donation will help purchase the additional property and form our start up crew!

See our fundraiser on Generosity