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*Bird sponsorship is not a purchase of product, all money received will go for the care of that bird. Thank You for supporting Kigi Birds Parrot Rescue & Sanctuary.
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Hello everyone my name is Ruby. I am a presumed female green-winged macaw that was hatched 2012. I am originally from Seattle Washington Area and I came to live at Kigi Birds 0n 12-3-2020.

My favorite sayings:



Hi Ruby

Come Here

Step Up







My favorite snacks:

Large Nuts






We call Ruby our sweet girl. She just loves teenage girls, is taking to showers nicely and really likes her alone time. Her favorite thing to do is hang on to the perch and go full wing flap. She will be flying soon. She is smitten with Burton and he loves her as well. They still allow us humans to handle them but have their preferences.


Ruby doesn't have any known injuries or health issues but does like to randomly chew on wing feathers. *Update* Her feather chewing has gone away! Hopefully it was just a temporary condition! 


Average annual expenses for Rubys' care:   $1600 - $2000 

$ raised year to date 2023:   $600

Rubys' Sponsors:




Lyman Family of Sandy, Utah $30

Kathleen Moran of Bellingham, Washington $5

Amanda Stewart of Colorado Springs, Colorado $5




Russell Dumire of Johnstown, Pennsylvania $600




Russell Dumire of Johnstown, Pennsylvania $600



Any sponsorship funds received to Kigi Birds is 100% used for the care and well being of the bird/s that you choose. Any left over funds at year end will be forwarded to the next year. If you would like to donate to building the aviary structures and general care fund, please click here