Kigi Mix #2 All Purpose Growing Media

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Our Kigi Mix #2 is our proprietary All Purpose growing media. Used on potted and garden planted perennials, ground covers, annuals, fruits and vegetables at Kigi Nursery and Kigi Gardens. Similar to our Kigi Mix #1 this mix is not as acidic and has higher moisture holding capabilities. As always all Kigi Mixes are made from high quality organic materials that promote microbes and are safe for humans and pets. We sell our growing media in 4 quart bags and provide a general quantity guide below. I would suggest ordering a little extra in case you come up a little short while planting a pot. If you do come up short and need to plant right away we suggest mixing our blend with a high quality organic potting mix.

How To Use:

Potted Plants - Use directly as potting soil.

Ground Plantings - When planting in the ground mix in with existing soil at about a 50/50 ratio, also till some into the top 6 inches outside the planting hole to improve soil quality and give a healthy area for future root growth.

(Average #, miniature plants could use less and fast growers could use more)

Years of Plant Growth # of Bags
0-4 1
5-8 3
9+ 6